SowHow presents a new way to grow-your-own veg. Our inspiring grow guides are packed with beautifully designed information and advice, and contain only the finest quality organic seeds.

Our simple aim is to help people grow their own fresh vegetables for the first time. We're offering an alternative to the wall-to-wall racks of seed packets found in garden centres everywhere. SowHow packs contain carefully-crafted words and illustrations to convey growing advice in an accessible and beautiful way.

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"SowHow’s stunning seed packet designs don’t stop at the front, they follow through into the simple instructions inside, making it seem all too easy for you to turn your garden into a haven for beetroots, leeks and all your other vegetabley friends." It's Nice That


Answers to questions

Where do you deliver to?
We currently mail to addresses in the UK only.

What about postage & packing?
We use Royal Mail postage and aim to send out orders within 24 hours of being placed.

Where are the seeds sourced?
We've sourced our organic vegetable seed from an established high quality supplier in the UK who meets all EC rules and standards.


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Send us an e-mail at hello@sowhow.com

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