Strictly roots – Beetroot, Radish and Carrot organic seeds


  • 'Strictly roots' is a collection of earthy root veg that make the most of raised beds, borders and allotments. The satisfaction of pulling up these three choice crops from the earth at harvest time is hard to beat.

    This set includes the following grow guides and premium quality organic seed:

    Please note that Radish 'Cherry Belle' grow guides and seeds are also part of the 'Perfect in pots' set.

    SowHow seed packets are beautifully designed and easy to use. Clearly written step-by-step instructions combine with carefully crafted illustrations to make a refreshingly modern twist on seed packets. Advice covers when to grow, how to sow seeds and look after your crops, along with tips on harvesting, eating and storing your produce.

  • Beetroot 'Detroit':

    • Sow seeds from April to July
    • Harvest beetroot from July to October
    • Suitable for pots or sowing directly into the ground

    Radish 'Cherry Belle':

    • Sow seeds from March to September
    • Harvest radishes from April to October
    • Grow in pots, containers or window boxes

    Carrot 'Early Nantes':

    • Sow seeds from March to July
    • Harvest carrots from July to October
    • Suitable for pots, containers or directly into the ground
    • Guide size: 148 x 105mm (A6)
    • Unfolds to six pages: 148 x 314 mm when flat
    • Seeds are sealed in a foil packet secured inside the guide
    • No need to tear the outer packet to access seeds
    • All seeds certified organic
    • Based in Bristol, delivered by Royal Mail in the UK

    Packets are printed on special grade 250gsm weight Fedrigoni x-per paper stock certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.